Greetings Community Members!

This year has been like no other in memory with the Wuhan Flu sweeping the state, nation, and the world. Election years are bad enough without all the stress, governmental restrictions, lock-downs, school closures, and general craziness that is taking place almost everywhere you look.

Our nation appears to be tearing itself apart at the seams lately, and for some misguided souls the American flag and patriotism have gone out of fashion. To a large extent those sentiments seem to be a big city problem though. Those of us that live in the country or have country roots still very much value the ideals this nation stands for. You really can’t help but notice that when visiting the Caruthers Fair, where it’s almost impossible to turn in any direction and not see an American flag. That’s entirely by design – we like it that way! For us, there is no prettier sight than our beautiful flag! By the way, the Caruthers Lions just appropriated $500 to purchase even more flags for the fair. We’re pretty sure there can never be enough American flags!

The Caruthers Fair Board unanimously agreed in April to have “America Strong” as this year’s fair theme. The same can be said for the decision to go forth with our annual July 3rd Fireworks Show. The board fully recognized how important it was to give our community and friends a fun, patriotic fireworks celebration to commemorate our nations 240th birthday. Cancelling the show was never an option,and we are proud of the support, good will, and patriotism shown by everyone who attended or watched from their back yards.

A question I get often is “Will there be a Caruthers Fair this year?” Let me start by stating that there are four girls vying for the title of Caruthers Fair Queen, so that answers at least part of the question. Please support these young ladies because they are out actively selling $5 raffle tickets that earn the buyer a chance to win thegrand prize of a 2020 Chevy Camaro! A dinner for six at Harris Ranch, a $1000 gift certificate from Caruthers Auto, and a big-screen TV from Clevenger Mercantile are also up for grabs, along with lots of smaller nightly prizes.

I’ll have to answer the rest of the question as best as I can given the limited, confusing, and often contradictory information we get from those who seem to be in charge. Virtually all county fairs have been cancelled in California. Or, they have gone to some form of virtual format – whatever that means. The 2020 Caruthers District Fair is still scheduled for September 30 through October 3. As always, we will have our Queen Coronation on opening night, which is Wednesday, September 30. We will have a smaller livestock show or grading, and a livestock auction. We have not been given any real guidance from Fresno County Health officials regarding food booth operation. The county and state are still under some form or another of a shutdown and large gatherings are being discouraged or prohibited. Except for protests, of course. Our carnival operator, Johnston Amusements has not been allowed to operate since March, and we honestly don’t know if they will be allowed to run this year. So there seems to be more that we don’t know than what we do know.

With just over two months to go before the fair is scheduled to open we are in strange and uncomfortable territory. The Fair Board is very busy making contingency plans and are absolutely committed to holding the Caruthers Fair. The reality is that it might very well look much different than what we are accustomed to. These are confusing and trying times. I personally cannot wait for the presidential elections to be over when hopefully, sanity once again prevails.

In the meantime, try to stay cool this summer, support the young ladies running for Caruthers Fair Queen, and put up an American flag in your yard if you have not already done so. Take care of yourselves, your family, and help your neighbors. God Bless America! America Strong!


Gary Wenter
Board President