District Fair


September 25 - 28, 2019

Updated August 2019

2014 Queen Contestants

Racine Babb

I am Racine Babb, I am 17 and I have lived in Caruthers for 10 years. Once I first started living in Caruthers I loved it, everyone knows everyone and everyone is so friendly. For the past 11 years I have devoted my heart and time to playing soccer. Soccer has become a major part of my life. My soccer team travels up ad down the State and into Nevada. We practice 3 days a week for two hours. 

On top of playing soccer, I have been on the track, cross-country and volleyball teams. I have also been actively involved in the FFA, serving as a Chapter and Greenhand officer as well as showing market goats and dairy cattle. In the future, I plan on majoring in Kinesiology and becoming a physical therapist if my soccer career does not further.



I would love to be fair queen because I would watch the ceremony at the fair and it seemed like a great experience.

Katerina “Katie” Davila


I am Katerina Danielle Davila. I am 17 years old and have lived in Caruthers all my life. My four siblings and I have all attended and have been raised in Caruthers district since we were born. My father, David Davila, was also a student at Caruthers Elementary and High School and is currently a successful farmer in Caruthers. My whole family is active members at our Church Temple Sinai which happens to be across the street from the fair grounds. All my life I have been involved in various sports programs in Caruthers. One day, after college, I plan to raise my family in the small loving town of Caruthers I call home.

I am running for fair queen for many reasons. Doing this will raise money for my community, my college funds and I will get the joy and satisfaction of a friendly competition. I believe this will be good experience for me to practice responsibility and to participate in a little challenge. All my life I have gone to the Caruthers fair. and I am so proud that it is the biggest free gate fair. Growing up here makes me want to be able to do whatever I can to keep it free so that people who can’t afford to pay can still make memories as I did as a child. 

Lindsey Gilmore


My name is Lindsey Gilmore. I am 17 years old and I am currently attending Caruthers High School. My parents are Darren and Marla Gilmore and I have two brothers Joshua Gilmore and Jared Gilmore. My grandparents are Don and Freda Gilmore and Mo and Marie Stroud.


I have lived in Caruthers for my entire life and will be a senior the coming year at Caruthers High School. I am involved in volleyball, basketball, softball, ASB, FFA, FCA, Floral team, leadership, and Block C. 

My hobbies include travel softball for the Cen Cal Dirtdogs Organization, floral arranging, sports and helping out wherever I can in Caruthers Youth Football and in the community. I thank God for all the opportunities that he has blessed me with in my life.


Since the time I was little, I have attended the fair every year. For many years, I worked in the parking lot with my parents for Caruthers Youth Football.  Every year we would watch the coronation of the fair queen and I had always hoped to be able to run for fair queen some day.

Kelsey Mello


I am the daughter of Jeff Mello, and grand daughter of Mike and Carole Mello. I attend Caruthers High School, where I will be a junior this fall.


I have served as class vice president for the past two years. I will be starting my third year on the varsity dance/cheer team. I am also involved in CSF, Block C and leadership. I pride myself in keeping high academic standards. After graduating high school I plan to attend Fresno State to pursue my interest in criminal law and child advocacy. 

Outside of school I love to spend time taking classes at Extreme Motion Dance Studio in Caruthers which I have called my second home for eleven years, as well as volunteering as a coach for the CYFL cheerleaders.

I have so many memories of time spent at the Caruthers District Fair with family and friends. I have watched the coronation every year since I was very young. I feel it is an honor to support the fair and this community as a queen contestant.


I see running for Caruthers Fair Queen as an opportunity to experience one of the great traditions of our community. As a child, the fair was my favorite time of the year. I remember asking my dad everyday to drive by to see what rides had been put up.


I would like to be able with hard work and dedication, do my part to keep this a free gate fair so future generations can make unforgettable memories of their own. It is my honor to represent my community, and the Caruthers District Fair as a fair queen contestant.

Crown Bearer Keegan Madieros