District Fair


September 26 - 29, 2018

Updated April 2018

2012 Queen Contestants

These lovely young women will be out and about selling tickets for the next few months.  Please support them, as this is their summer job.  Of course, their goal is also to be, the next


Sara Bradford

Sara Bradford is from Easton. She is a student at Washington Union High School. She is the daughter of Joe and Jennifer Bradford. Her activities include cheer, ASB, leadership, sophmore secretary and gymnastics. Her hobbies are dance, swim, horseback riding, watching movies, bbqing and riding her quad. She recently moved into Easton almost a year ago. Since living here, she feels that she has a more positive outlook on life. She has become more involved in school activities and with her loved ones. The community has brought out a better person in her. She loves this area and wants to be a queen contestant to show everyone how much she appreciates the things they have done for her. She wishes to represent this area and raise as much money as possible to support the community and help better itself. Sara had a rough childhood. She has learned a lot of life lessons on her own. Being on her own has made her strong independent women. Her family has always been there to support me through whatever I may do. They have a large impact on the decisions that she makes. Sara has done a lot of traveling, moving, bouncing around but she is honestly happy where is at right now. She has been in cheer for eleven years and has learned responsibility and determination. She appreciates the little things in life the older she gets.

Kayla Day

Kayla Day is from Caruthers. She is a student at Caruthers High and is the daughter of Jeff and Betty Day. Her school activities include cheer, softball, volleyball, soccer and block “c”. She enjoys playing sports and playing with her sisters. She would love to be a queen contestant to support her community. Kayla is a proud 4th generation resident of the Caruthers/Raisin City area and will be a senior at Caruthers High School next school year. At CHS she plays on the varsity volleyball, soccer and softball teams and is also a member of the varsity squad. My goal besides being the next fair queen is to attend college and play Softball. She lives in Caruthers with her parents and her three sisters, Ashley, Bailey and Samantha. She is the granddaughter of Vickie Day of Caruthers and Adan and Esperanza Delarosa of Raisin City. Running for fair queen is such an honor and through ticket sales it allows her to support the community and the Caruthers District Fair. She is “blue jeans and country dreams”!

Katelynn Loflin

Katie Loflin lives in Caruthers. She is a student at Caruthers High and is the daughter of Ray and Michelle Loflin.  Her school activities include Basketball, volleyball, track, FFA, SSA and block ”c”. Her hobbies are playing sports and hanging out with friends and family. She has grown up with and loves the Caruthers fair  and wants to do her part in keeping the tradition of the Caruthers fair alive for her community and future generations to enjoy by supporting the fair with her ticket sales. She loves the fair and never misses a year. She shows a goat and heifer at the fair also. Her grandparents, George and Margaret Loflin, live in Caruthers and are active members of the community.

Morgan Reynolds

Morgan Samantha Reynolds lives in Caruthers. She is a student at Immanuel High School and is the daughter of Kevin and Cindy Reynolds. Her school activities are tennis, softball, choir and student council. Her hobbies are playing the guitar and piano, singing and hanging out with friends. Morgan has grown up watching the crowning of the queen for as long as she can remember. She always hoped she would have the honor of standing on that stage as a queen contestant representing the town of Caruthers. She is a 4th generation resident of Caruthers. She is the granddaughter of Marvin and Mickey Davis of Caruthers, Billy John Reynolds of Fresno and Linda Smith and the late Dr. Brenton smith of Riverdale. Morgan enjoys participating in extracurricular activities at IHS. As she ventures out into the community to sell tickets, she hopes to see new faces as well as familiar ones.
Sierra Daniels -

Sierra Daniels is from Caruthers. She is a student at University High School. She is the daughter or Stephen and Gina Daniels. Her activities include String Ensemble, LIFE Club, ASB, Drama and choir. Her hobbies are playing the cello, singing, reading, watching movies, drawing, writing and photography. She wishes to be a queen contestant because when she was growing up, watching many fair queens open the fair and ride floats in the parade, she would ask herself if that could be her one day inspiring people the way she was inspired. She would also like this opportunity so that she can serve her community by raising the funds necessary to keep the Caruthers Fair alive, while raising funds for her to go towards college. She has lived in Caruthers all of her life. It is where she has grown up and is honored to give back to her community that has given so much to her. She has never missed a Fair. She remembers climbing to the top of her tree house when I was a little girl and trying to catch a glimpse of the rides being set up. She might not ride all the rides anymore, but she still loves and supports the fair. Every year Sierra works in the Full Gospel’s booth selling teriyaki chicken and in the past she has helped with the horticulture boards and has entered artwork many times. Sierra was a honor student at Caruthers Elementary where she was a part of the CES marching band and various sports team. She is currently a senior at University High School, Where she has continued to succeed academically, and has had the opportunity to take college courses at Fresno State. She was the Vice President of her junior year, she plays the cello in String Ensemble and is involved in her school’s theater productions as well has drama. She is also a member of clubs, such as L.I.F.E club, where we learn more about Living In the Father’s Example. The most important thing in her life is living for God, and she does so by serving others. I sing in the youth band and is on the worship team at Caruthers Full Gospel church. Caruthers is home to me and has been home to my family since the 1930’s, when members of her family first settled in the area. Her grandparents, Raymond and Louise Daniels, owned many businesses in the area and were active community members. Her other grandparents, Ernie and Jennie Perez, reside in the Monmouth/Monroe area. Her grandma Jennie is a cancer survivor who has shown her that it is important not to give up. Her grandparents, victor and Emery Meza, reside in Fresno area and also comes to the fair. Stephan and Gina Daniels, her parents, both worked at CES while I was a student there. Her mom was a teacher for fourteen years before becoming Vice Principal at Washington Colony in Easton and her dad continues to work at Caruthers Elementary as well as owning and operating his production company.

Angelina Guerra

Angelina Guerra is from Caruthers. She is a student at Caruthers high and is the daughter of Ismael and Dolores Guerra. Her school activities include Soccer, tennis, cheer, Doctor’s academy and softball. Her hobbies are Drawing, dancing, writing and soccer. She wants to be a fair queen contestant because she wants to contribute to her community and our free gate fair. Being a part of such an opportunity will be such an experience. It would also be a great summer job for her. Her mom, sister and aunt informed her that it is memories, fun and a great experience. She wants to be a contestant to become queen and to help fundraise for the 2012 Caruthers Fair.

Jennifer Yarbrough

Jennifer Yarbrough lives in Caruthers. She is a student at Immanuel High school and is the daughter of Troy and Dena Yarbough. Her school activities are cross country and swimming. Her hobbies are riding and showing horses, hunting, fishing and breeding mini aussies . She has grown up going to the Caruthers Fair every year and loves it and it is something that she looks forward to. She wants to be a queen contestant to help support the Caruthers Fair. She thinks that this will be a great experience and she is looking forward to this for a long time. She is from a family of farmers. She is planning on going to college to study veterinarian medicine.

Madelyn Ronlake - Crown Bearer